It’s essential to keep your website "up-to-date", and we can help you do that with our maintenance team. The way WordPress works is that there is a core engine (WordPress) and then much of the look and functionality is delivered in your theme and plug-ins. All of these components must be kept updated with the most recent patches to ensure that they're safe from vulnerabilities that get exploited by hackers and bots. It's a never ending battle, but don't worry... Staying on a monthly maintenance plan minimizes your risk and keeps your website secure and running smoothly. All of this work is considered "website maintenance" by Trooper.

"Website Updates" are when you want a new image or text added or edited, when you want to add new functionality to your website, or just want to refresh a page layout. These are tasks that can be done at any time and do not coincide with your regular maintenance. At Trooper, we charge for those updates as they're needed. So you're never paying for hours you may not need.